Billing & Payments

Insurance Billing

Mount Scott Counseling is contracted with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to provide counseling services to eligible SoonerCare clients under the age of nineteen and their families. Sessions billed to OHCA on clients' behalf do not require a co-payment.

Mount Scott Counseling does not currently accept Medicare, Tricare, or private insurance.

Why Pay Out Of Pocket?

While there are financial benefits to paying via insurance, there are many advantages to paying for your counseling services out-of-pocket. First and foremost, paying out-of-pocket ensures that no insurance company has access to your records, protecting the privacy of the content of your sessions. Additionally, paying out-of-pocket means that there are no restrictions on service eligibility based on time, diagnosis, etc. Finally, most private insurance companies require a substantial co-payment at time of service, so even with insurance you are still paying out-of-pocket.

Out-of-Pocket Fee Schedule

Standard rates for out-of-pocket clients are $120 for the initial 90-minute assessment and $80 per session for 60-minute therapy sessions. Clients are billed per session, not per minute, and sessions may vary slightly from the standard times as needed to accommodate scheduling and client needs. Session costs are due at the time of service.

Reduced Fee Sessions

A limited number of time slots are reserved for clients who need counseling services but are unable to afford standard session fees. These time slots are billed at 50% of standard rates. To be eligible for reduced fee sessions, clients must have a household income of less than 200% of the federal poverty rate; proof of income may be required.

Forms of Payment

Clients may pay out-of-pocket session fees with cash or credit card via PayPal.

One Small Step

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